Middle of the Week

It is Wednesday, for the younger generation here in Namibia, called Klein Saterdag (meaning Small Saterday) just in time to celebrated the forthcoming Saterday. A welcome time to de stress and go out with friends and have fun, but remember it is only Klein Saterdag, you must be home earlier as on the usual outgoings on the BIG Saterday, because you still have to work the next day.
As I said, it is mostly for the younger generation, my eldest son is making use of this implementaion when he is here from college.
The two other sons are not so keen to use this Klein Saterdag, they are still in school and need their beauty sleep so far.
And me??? I am only aware of this, because this is announced over the radio on Wednesdays, never mind going out on big Saterdays… and of cause my eldest son is going out on Wednesdays and Saterdays, when he is home.
Me, come home from work, making dinner, usually, nowadays,as you know, I am to find in front of the PC and my youngest son had to made dinner tonight, lovely mash potatoes and crumed pork neck chops, tasted really nice, couldn’t have made this better, so what the fuss about me, changing my priorities to serve the family a little bit to have fun myself….
Have a nice day and keep well.
Love and Light


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