How to cope with death of a family member

I am so overexcited and eager to get this blog going, that I nearly forgot, that yesterday was a special day. A special day might be the wrong description for this, as on 22.7.2001, eight years ago, my sister Sabine died . She had a malfunction, as they called it, when she performed her 3. parachute jump.
I can still feel the pain as if this ws yesterday, when my little sister phoned me to inform me about this, not able to speak at all on the phone and handing the receiver over to a friend of ouers. I didn’t even listen to everything he said to me,I dropped the phone and cried hysterically.
But how do you cope, how do you go on with your life???? It is really not a question I can give an answer to suit everybody. I can only tell you, how I am trying to cope with a loss of a dear one in my life. I just believe……When my sister died I turned to the angels, coincidence that she introduced me to angels,guides and non physical beeings??? No. There is no coincidence in our lifes, everything happens as it has to happen, exactly as it must be. I bought books about angels (mostly of Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper) and read as much as I could about the near death experiences and life after death and later in life, books about positive thinking and how to create your own life (ever heard about Abraham-Hicks Books?). And I started to believe. I couldn’t resist the thought, that my sister is somewhere else, happy watching over us, spreading her wings out to protect me. I just believed and it helpd me to go on. We have persons in our family who can, like Mrs. Hicks comunicate with the nonphysicals above. It might sound crazy to people who are not aware of all this, but I can post a letter here, which I received a few month later from my guide up there,channelled by a related person, which was prove enough for me that all this is true. But this is another story. To you, who are not aware of all this, but still interested about this matter, please start reading Abraham Hicks Books. And to you, who are aware of these facts, you understand what I want to say anyway…to all, you must find something to hold onto, to make the pain bearable, but don’t give up. Try to find a positive reason for this, even if it sound weird at this stage, there is a positive thing to everything in life. You must just believe in it and find it. There is always a positive and negative linked together. There is no exception.
My family tried to overcome pain and sorrow by lighting candles every day for my sister, talking about her, recalling lots of happy and funny times we had together.
So never think of a person to be gone, they are still with us now and forever, even if we cannot see them, but sometimes you feel them, really close to you…

So to Sabine….I didn’t forget you yesterday, I just was occupied with other things, I hope you didn’t mind.. and don’t think about dropping the shower head on me….
this is an insider, to be told to you, maybe by the person who experienced this in real….

Love and Light to all of you


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