Positive Thinking/Emotions

I quote: The Astonishing Power of Emotions:
When you are allowing yourself to float freely in the Stream, without resistance, thus closing the gap between where you are right now and who the broader part of you has becoe, you feel your alignment in the form of positive emotions. But if you are still paddling UPSTREAM, holding yourself against the natural Current of your own evolution, your resistance to the Stream and to that which the larger part of you has become is evidenced in the form of negative emotions…….

When we are unhappy, having negative thoughts, we are going UPSTREAM, we are sitting in our boat, paddling against the Current.We must let go of the oars, releasing resistance against the Current and then we float downstreams, where everything we ever wanted is. Nothing we ever wanted is UPSTREAM.
Try this in your mind: whenever a problem occurs, think, I just need to let go of the oars and float downstreams (see yourself physically throwing the oars overbord..), where the solution already is waiting for you. Let go of resistance to the positive outcome of the problem, get somthing positive to think of, see yourself there happy and joyful the problem already solved,and feel your emotions getting positively as well, meaning, you are now aligned to what you’re really are, Source, and the problem will be solved in magically ways….

Negative Thought showing resistance, then you are attracting resistance
Positive Thought showing alignment, then you are attracting everything you ever wished for into your life.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and that you will be positive and attract only good things into your life.

Love and Light


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