Sunday evening again. The weekend is over already, even if it seems that it just started.
Weekends are supposed to be a relaxing, stress free time, but for most of us, especially working mothers, the only changes are that we can sleep a little bit longer, but as soon as we are up, we are working again…preparing breakfast, feeding the washing machine and the dishwasher, hanging up the washing, doing the shopping for the following week, preparing lunch, or dinner, gardening, car washing, you name it.
Most of us have a partner to help us out with all these things, or we ask our kids to help us, but they are under the impression, that the weekends are for resting.
Right, but not for the mothers. The only help is to be grateful for having a family, for having a house with garden, for having a car, for having enough clothes, for having actually a wonderful live. This will let you feel a little better about all your cores you are doing daily and especially on Sundays, when all the others are resting.
Be grateful and you will not feel that all this is a burden, but a blessing.

Love and Light


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