When one door closes another gets open

more notes from me:

*whenever you find yourself in a negative state, keep focusing on something happy in your life; activity, add a positive phrase, see a cheerful image and pop up this, as soon as negativity gets hold of you; meditate on this positive image
and you will feell better soon….

*do not give up whenever something gets stuck, but see the other opportunity the Universe holds for you instead; never make it an urgengy or be inflexible, stay open to may options and not bound to this only one..

my personal opinion is: whenever one door gets closed another will be open…
this is not only a phrase, but the trues. Please find a situation in your life, when something didn’t work out as you wished it,remember what happened then??
Disappointment, anger, emptiness, but can you remember what happened instead and was this what happened instead not even better? Maybe the other door openend not immediately, because of all the negativity we feel, when somthing doesn’t happen our way immediately, but after a while, something must have happened instead..the other door must have ben opened eventually….
If you remember such a situation, please leave your comments about it and tell us how you felt, when you realised that this is true: when one door closes another door opens…..
Have a wonderful Sunday , wherever you are…
Love and Light


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