World Wide Web and Marketing

The last days I was searching the world wide web trying to find a few hints on how to make money online and how to promote your blog, how to write good and interesting posts.
I must tell you this was not as easy as you would imagine.
When you find an interesting site, you will be constantly forced to click on the next page and next page and next page, all you find is a valuable heading, but if you click on it, more headings, more sites to click on will appear and if you finally get the answer on what you were searching about, it is useless. This, I believe is called MARKETING…
I am not sure anymore,if this is the right approach to manage a blog, because it is more of an diary than a site, where people can get useful information.
But anyhow, I will keep it up and I believe that in time a lot of people will love my blog as well.Because, besides the ads around, I won’t give them more and more sites to click on, but inform them about my views of life, my experiences and my tips and hints, which I found useful in my daily life,straight forward.
And I would love to receive even hints and tips from you, my readers, please feel free to write comments and share my blog with all your friends.
I would need tips on how to find a useful site on how to make money online, free, and I mean free, because all I could find was sites where you have to purchase something before you can start.
I would love to fill out surveys online to make money, but you first have to buy a program again….. any idea how to get into a program free?????

I appreciate your valuable comments.
Love and Light to you


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