Affirmations and the importance of them in your daily life

I manifest what I affirm
Does this ring a bell?
Have you ever heard about affirmations and how to use them?
When I first heard about affirmations, I randomly choose one or two, said them a few times and when nothing magical happened, I forgot about them until I heard, read and stumbled about these issues time and again and I said to myself, this is not a coincidence, nothing actually is. So I decided for myself to learn more about it by reading books from Dr. Demartini, the Abraham-Hicks books, surfed the internet, read books about angels from Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper and as I said before stumbled across various articles in local magazines about gratitude, positive thinking, law of attraction and the power of our own thoughts and how to change our lifes by adjusting our thoughts.
And the use of affirmations was prominent in everything I have read, no matter what book or article I came across.
What I have learnt so far is that with positive affirmations I can direct my life to whatever I desire.
One of my favourite affirmations I came across in a book of Dr. Demartini:


At first it didn’t do anything to me when I religiously affirmed this daily. But after a while when I used these words deliberately whenever I feel unhappy, they rang a bell in me and I could feel a shift inside me taking place. Now, whenever I feel a negative thought or feeling creeping up inside me I affirm: I AM A GENIUS AND I APPLY MY WISDOM.
And suddenly I remember everything I have read so far about positive thinking, how to redirect your thoughts, all of the important details of books or articles I have read are popping up in my mind and positive affirmations come flowing by like little
birds in the sky: let go of the oars and flow downstreams,I am grateful for….., I am lovable, valuable and I deserve, The Universe has abundant supply of everything and I receive my share of it today, I am completely financially secure and taken care of……and lots and lots more. Every little bit my mind found important and copied while I was reading, comes up instantly and helps me to get my balance back and be grateful for my life as it is, because at first you need to be grateful for everything you already have, before you can attract more in your life. That is one aspect you must never forget.
As I am not such a good explainer, I suggest that you find yourself books, articles and websites for more information to help you fully understand the importance of affirmations in your life and how to use them correctly.
I can only suggest a few books and authors here:
Dr. John Demartini
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Doreen Virtue
Diane Cooper
Amit Desai(
Heal your life (Louise Hay)
The Secret
Abraham-Hicks Books

May you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Love and Light


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