Finally more…

Hello to all of you.

Today I found a way to add links to my site I approve of. These are all books I have read myself, I heard of or I am going to purchase myself one by one.
I am grateful I can show you from which sources I have got my knowledge and write about here.
In the past weeks a lot has happened in my life, thanks to the changes I made in my life with the help of the knowledge I have gained from these books.
I finally, with a lot of positive thinking, daily affirmations and belief in myself, got the opportunity to do what I love…..being my own boss and teach children.
I have quit my job as a dental assistant,are about to sell my previous house and am about to buy a house with a private Kindergarten attached, meaning from next year on I am my own boss and earn money doing what I love, working with children.
I have worked for a dental assistant for 6 years now and also love the job, but after a while it wasn’t enough anymore. I think I learnt that live has to offer more and that one has to close a door, before another one gets open, which I did by deciding that I do not want to be a dental assistant for the rest of my life. Converting it into something positive, as you shouldn’t affirm what you do not want, so I started to really think about what my heart desires, what makes me smile instantly, and asked myself what would bring a smile to my face and lets my heart beat a little bit faster and ‘Kids’ especially ‘Babies’ came to my mind, so I decided for myself to be around babies, kids and working with them has to be it.
I already have a few years of experience with day care and Kindergarten work and I started to affirm, that I love to have a private Kindergarten.
I constantly tried to get myself aligned with my Higher Self,affirmed my wish and let go of all resistance. Believe it or not, a few weeks later I received a call from somebody and she offered me to buy her house and kindergarten……
So, do not let wrong beliefs get in your way to fullfil your desires. Belief in yourself and the abilities you have, ask the angels for guidance and faith and everything falls into place.
It did for me and I am positive that we will find a buyer for our house soon, as all this is guided by the angels and I believe they brought me so far, because this is what has to be.

Enjoy browsing through the links, get a few books and start to change your live into the positive yourself.
I know that you can do it and that you deserve it.

Love and Light


2 thoughts on “Finally more…

  1. I had an interesting discussion with some of my TriYoga students re angels and their own experiences with them. One of my students had a Doreen Virtue book that we read and it has been a fascinating insight into angels.Through our daily practice, we continue to explore the energy of the universe and the loving guidance offered. All we have to do is ask and receive!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Claudia, all the best to you ! I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, and also for teaching me about the angels, positive thinking etc.. I will miss you at work, but I wish you all the best ! I know you will be successful with the kindergarten, and am sorry, that my kids are too big to come to you… but I promise, we will come to visit often ! You will still have to teach me to release my resistance, so that I may also fulfil my life dream.. You know : My own little coffeeshop / deli ! But, as you know, I have started working on my dream.Lots of Love !

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