Quoting Abraham-Hicks and my way to respond to it daily..

I started my first blog in 2009 and was eager to become a better person by positive thinking. (Just recall the older posts from my blogger account, which I imported to this wordpress blog) .I read everything I could get here in Namibia about the topic, my favorite books and authors are always mentioned in my posts. And did I succeed?

I cannot tell if I am a better person now, but I have definitely another point of view about life as such.

My old post from 2009:

Please read this quote, which I by the way get every day on facebook from the Abraham-Hicks Group, and think about the last few hours and how much you might have tried to tell somebody to act, dress, think or feel differently and what kind of reaction you might have got accordingly.

I really try every day not to add to negative thoughts, e.g. world news, things other people might tell me about other people, by not adding even more negative things, but try to convert every negative news I hear into a positive one.
How do I do that? I always find something better about the news, something positive, as Dr. Demartini always says: There is no bad without good, no sad without happy.
Another example I have read somewhere today is: Is the glass half empty or half full?
And still I always fall into the trap with my youngest son Frank, who is nearly 16, when I pick him up from school. He begins to talk to me about what happened in school, what kind of conversations he had with his friends and the stress he had with his teachers and why and what he thinks about it and what he is going to do when he is grown up.
And what am I doing then????? I tell him to be more positive , that with his attitude he will not reach his goals, that he has to understand the others and why they might have done things different……
Everything I am avoiding with other people, everything I try to get thru to you and others not to do, I do myself when I am around my son. WHY???????
I guess because I love him and I want him to reach his goals, I want him to be a multi millionaire, I want him to have his own island, I want him to be able to do what he loves and to fullfil his dreams and wishes every second of his life.
And as soon as I opened the quote for today, as posted here, from Abraham-Hicks, I knew I have to let him be, let him dream, let him his own opinion and let him choose whatever he is choosing.
I cannot force my positive thinking attitude on him. He must learn to choose whatever it is he is choosing, even if it is hard to accept, when someone who you love, is negative or in your opinion on the wrong way, not to react and tell that person YOUR opinion, that what you choose for yourself to believe is the right way, but I am really trying to accept the fact that he has chosen the life he is living right now and I only can be a ‘good example’ with my positive attitude and believe that this will impress him sooner or later and that he might choose a different way.
’til then, I still love and accept him as he is and work on a positive way to let him be and to react differently, positively when is he telling me more of his dreams.

The Abraham Hicks Quote for today:

Choose what feels good to you and leave everybody else to choose what they want. Don’t spend any time saying, “They should choose differently and they’d feel better.” Instead say, “They’re choosing whatever they’re choosing; I’m choosing what I’m choosing, and I’m feeling good while I’m choosing it.” And let that be the end of it. Be certain that you are connected to your Source Energy, and let everybody else figure it out for themselves. Some of them will adore you, some of them will hate you — and none of it has anything to do with you.
– Abraham-Hicks –

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I wish you a wonderful day and evening, wherever you are……..

Love and Light


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