here is my new, old website/blog with a new face, new title and a fresh approach for me to find lots of themes to write about.

Reading and visiting a lot of blogs recently encouraged me to start anew. This time I am going all the way and getting my own domain and upgrading my free site to a more professional site soon.

This will mean “the blog costs money” so I feel more pledge to stick to writing a few posts a week,  meaning being serious about writing.

Staying focused and practice is essential for anyone who is serious about writing or any other passion.

Previously I postponed writing to when I have “time” to do it, when the time is “right”.

Realizing that the time is never right ,that I will never have time to write, except I take some time and just do it.

So here we are again, writing a blog to practice and focus on daily writing.

More advanced writer recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes per day to write to improve your skills.

So this will be my first goal, writing for at least half an hour a day, either a blog post, a poem, lyrics or a chapter towards my first book.

Dreaming high again?

Yes, but if you have a dream, be serious about it, stick with it, even after some passion decreases, stay focused, practice and in time you can reap the fruits of your discipline.

What are your dreams and how do you focus on them?????




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