Sitting here for more than an hour already, trying to get some pics into this post, with no results.
In between I got a message on WHATS APP and as it only shows the number,I thought it was my new contact, but it was my son Frank, who is in Germany or Austria right now, and he was quite annoyed when I told him that we are not having Christmas this year…”Hallo you are talking to Frank….why are you addressing me in third person?” Well could have been more embarrassing…
My other son told me I have to save the contacts in order to see the names, but HOW?
Slowly but surely I feel this irritating feeling creeping up in me and I have to breath deeply and calm down, before I give in to the urge to throw the cellphone and the laptop out of the window, which is closed by the way and has burglar bars in front, so I wouldn’t be successful with this outburst of temperament after all.
So I take a time out now, calm down and try again later, hopefully with more patience and a successful outcome.
Going shopping now…..

What are your methods to calm down?


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