The Road Less Traveled

A REAL INSPIRATIONAL POST…….especially being to an exhibition last week with the same title…..

A Heart's Echoes


Growing up, it took me a long time to become comfortable in my skin. I grew up with people calling me abnormal because I didn’t exactly conform to our society’s definition of normal. I used to write in my diaries because nobody was there to listen and even if there was somebody, they probably didn’t make the effort to understand. Sometimes people don’t have to say a word for you to know that they are judging. Silent looks can tell a lot if you learn to read them. So people judged. A lot. And talked. A lot.

The silver lining in that dark cloud was that it taught me the skill of turning “people’s talk” into white noise. It is actually like vapor; if you come across it, it will just go around you, disperse and disappear, without affecting you much.

It’s sad when you see people’s judgments and talks…

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