Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home

Seeing this beautiful ad in my mail this morning

Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home.

memories of my mother in law filled my mind. Every Christmas she used to come over with a pot of Amaryllis for me. Usually the red type, but the white one with the name of “ICE QUEEN” caught my eyes this morning and I thought what a lovely gift to create for special loved ones this Christmas.

Having a few clay pots hiding in the garage somewhere, waiting for me to  paint or decoupage them, I immediately knew what I am up to  this weekend. With Monday being a holiday here in Namibia as well, giving me lots of time to  feed my creative hunger, I only have to find the Amaryllis bulbs (they come in bulbs, aren’t they? Gardening is not one of my best qualities) or grown flower would be even better, and an opportunity to present my hand-made gift to a special person.

It might be you!

For all others, hold on to this blog for my post:

“How to create a decorative pot for an Amaryllis as a Christmas gift” coming up during the weekend.

Have a lovely day and wonderful weekend ahead.

Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home.


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