Having the whole Sunday morning to myself, I started my project” How to do a decoupage ceramic pot”.

This is the outcome:


I just painted the mod podge onto the pot and smoothed a serviette around it…voila…

All I need now are the bulbs or Amaryllis plants….probably will look for it tomorrow, as we have a last public holiday before Christmas. Ideal for some shopping.

Being busy with the mod podge and my hands a sticky already, I tried a few other projects, which I stumbled over the other day while informing myself via internet about art journaling.

Here are the outcomes:


Photo0303You need a photocopy of a lovely image of your choice

smooth mod podge (they used medium gel in the article, but I only had mod podge available) on a canvas

and place the copy face down onto the canvas, smooth and let dry.

If it is really, really dry, wet the photocopy’s back with water and rub off.

My printer cartridge are almost empty, so the image was a bit weakened.

And my mod podge was yellow from a previous project, this might be the reason why this came out a bit light and yellowish.

I will use it as a stepping stone for a future art journal project, already collected beautiful poems and quotes to stick or scribble/doodle onto it.

Here my first pages out of my art journal I recently started.

Photo0307Photo0306Photo0308 they call for more painting, doodling and inking though….but I am just started.

Have a wonderful Sunday, or the remains of it.

Love and light.



    • I found my way into art after my son died, I am into scrap booking, art journal, painting and will try to create my own candles this weekend…
      I love writing and my dream is to become a well know author of various books…and to open my own art & craft shop with a reading nook, starter kits with instructions for various crafts and craft lessons for beginners (for that I would need to hire someone, though)
      I am working towards it, even though I do not have a clue about opening a shop….
      love to all of you

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