Every year the same dilemma: 2 weeks before Christmas and not even 1 present purchased.

And each year the same declaration:Next year I do it differently.

It is easy enough to find suitable presents for toddlers and kids, but as soon as they come into teenage years and older a box of LEGO or a match box car, a puzzle or a cute doll is not appropriate anymore. You must find something more ‘in’.

Try adding to their wardrobe and you fail. Not the right size, the color is not in favor with my other clothes (and don’t make a mistake here and think that I am talking about a female…I only have sons and they are even worse..),shoes don’t have the right ‘label’ on….you’ll never win with clothes.
So what else? Money or a gift voucher? They say it is too impersonal and no fun.

And so each year when we close at work, I run around the malls day after day in order to find presents. If you have a brilliant idea, you either cannot find it or it is too expensive, not the right color, size…..

And each year I swear again that I will buy presents throughout the year and keep it for Christmas. Once I nearly succeeded. I had a few presents hiding away behind my old clothes far up in the wardrobe, but then I couldn’t wait til Christmas and handed them out a few days later after I purchased them. Call me stupid, but I cannot help myself. It feels good to see your kids being delighted, no matter how old they are and what time of the year it is.

The other catch is the wrapping. I always end up wrapping the items in the evening on the 23th of December (we are German and we celebrate Christmas on 24th of December), sitting on the floor in my bedroom, door locked, fighting with the sticky tape and ribbons until midnight.

Done. Christmas can come, we are ready after all.

So how do you explain to me that the same phenomena happens to me every year, even if I write first thing into my new diary, which I might have gotten as a Christmas present (and if not, I make sure that  I have at least two or three handy for the upcoming year, as I love beautiful diaries):


And by the way, after I thoroughly search the shops every year I find a lot of pleasant gifts after all.

Here are a list of a few items I might buy again this year for my boys:

bath towels

duvet covers (after they turned 16 and older, we have to rearrange the Toys Story and Lion King covers in more suitable themes)

beautiful coffee mugs filled with Christmas chocolates

funny socks

photo frames

sport bags

and a wonderful candle and a bunch of white roses for my son up in heaven (his first Christmas away from us)

How do you try to prevent Christmas stress each year?

Merry Christmas to all of you!

God Bless!









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