419494_3873692202894_848139339_nToday is my last day at work for 2012.

Do I feel happy about it? Not yet, as for now I have a lot of work to finish, before I can switch into holiday mode. Piles of paper and files are cluttering all over my desk. And time is running fast. Still I find a few minutes, its my lunchtime now, to enjoy a cup of green tea ( I used to drink coffee by gallons, but for healthy reasons and due to sleepless nights I replaced it by green tea lately, or Caro coffee, a malt coffee which I used to drink as a child at my granny’s.)
and enjoy reading blogs and writing a post. Just to share a little bit of Christmas feelings, which I do not feel at all, but want to spread the spirit with you. Pretending to feel joyful and happy will result in feeling joyful and happy after all. They don’t say YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK just for fun.

Whenever I am in a ‘bad’ mood, feeling unhappy, unworthy or unloved, I close my eyes and pretend. I imaging myself being in my favorite place, this may be  at the ocean, in a lovely hut on the mountains, or wherever I feel I want to be in that moment. Pretend to be there with all your heart’s desire, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air in the mountains, just be there with all of your thoughts and feel your surroundings. Do it for as long as you wish or able to (at work during lunch time for 10 minutes) and when you open your eyes, feel the difference. Just by pretending you went from unhappy to happy. From sad to joyful, from unloved to loved……that’s the magic of our thoughts. With your thoughts you can create whatever you desire

as long as you believe and trust.

For now, I imaging myself being ready for my deserving holidays. All my papers are filed, my desk is clean, my work is finished and I go home in a lovely, joyful and happy mood.


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