today we are already writing the 4th of January 2013.Coming back from my 10 day holiday in Swakopmund, the most favorite holiday spot in Namibia during the festive season, I can only share my last daily impressions of 2012 with you now:

My husband decided on the 23.12.2012, that he wants some self-made Christmas cookies after all…..

here my nephew and his son Tyler:


and the rest of the family gathering around in the kitchen by 32 degrees C, baking and decorating cookies:


and the result:


24.12.2012 traditional Namibian Christmas Tree a “WEISSDORNAKAZIE” being  decorated by Frank and Tyler


and enjoyed by Tyler and his brother Ethean (my niece’s children)


and Santa Claus was already here and we are all opening our presents


25.12.2012 , first day in Swakopmund, Ralph(my son, next to the dog) still without crutches


and here Frank (my son) and I


Baloo, our Golden Retriever and Jacky, the Jack Russel are enjoying the cool Atlantic Ocean water


and enjoying the Christmas Cup Soccer, not so Ralph, as he hurt his knee on the second day and couldn’t participate anymore, we still have to see a doctor next week to verify if he needs an operation or not (he studied Sport and Fitness Training) so a healthy knee is essential for him



I thought I will show you this pic, maybe you can tell me what happened here…kind of freaky…can you explain this phenomena?



and a last beautiful picture taken in 2012


Now we are back in Windhoek today, after the weekend my holiday season is over and again I have to go back to work for more or less 50 weeks before I can say” I am on holiday again”.  This gives me reason to think, what are we doing here on earth?

I still have to decide on my New Year resolutions for 2013 this weekend, I really want to change something in my life, maybe my whole life, I am not sure how and what, but I am sure I have to change it. After the death of my son Matthias in May 2012, I cannot go on and on and on not knowing what I am doing here, for what and why? Nothing actually makes sense anymore? I have to find a way to be happy and fulfilled again……

Are you?

What are your resolutions for 2013 and how are you going to fulfill them?

May your 2013 be a wonderful year for you.


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