GRATITUDE JOURNAL HAND MADE or getting rid off beautiful paper

My art and crafty site is calling again. Having lots and lots of beautiful papers collecting in boxes I searched the net for a nice way of getting rid off them. This will give me ‘ permission’  to buy new beautiful stuff next time I hit the craft stores without feeling guilty thinking about all the papers I already have in stock.


When I began, the table looked still very neatly, you don’t want to see it now…my family are complaining already, but they have to keep up with me for a few days, until the crafty urge is fading again….last time it lasted weeks…until the ‘mess” got onto my nerves as well, wandering back into the garage.

I decided on a gratitude journal.

Photo0352 I took some beautiful A 5 papers, decorated them with all sorts of stickers,  die cuts and pins, glued lined paper on labels and added it to some of the papers.

Some I left ‘clean’ for the owner to add some own ideas to it.



I did some mixed media on a card board for the front and back cover, but found this to stiff with no flexibility at all, so I had to find something different. I might use the covers for a different project, maybe you have an idea for me.

Photo0354Front cover, as on cardboard  is not bendable, so you are not able to turn the page, if you get what I mean…



Flipping through my papers, I came across a perfect page for the covers


Photo0356I fastened the papers and covers together with some ribbon, added some pins and chains with charms to it, voila. Finished.





As I have a few more papers I want to use up, I am planning to do a few more, also different styles and sizes for sale.

Have a nice week ahead.

Love and light.













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