ANOTHER PROJECT: ENVELOPE JOURNALS or a pretty gift for my baby niece







Being busy trying to reduce my scrap booking supplies I came upon this lovely project: AN ENVELOPE JOURNAL.

Having lots of pink papers and a 2 1/2 month old niece in Ireland, I opted for a baby journal.


My niece Sabina is living in Ireland (I am in Namibia, neighbor country of South Africa) and I only know her from photos.


I started with 10 A 5 brown envelopes, but other colours or sizes will do also, just adjust items to your personal needs.

For the back and front covers I used the full size envelopes fastened some buttons and a string to the flap to be able to open and close it.

For the inside envelope pages I cut of the flap to get pouches or pockets.

I filled the pockets with hand-made labels, which I made from colored card board.


For every other page I also used the hand-made labels. Photo0362I decorated the envelope pockets with all kind of items, like stickers, buttons, paper clips and of course index cards for some writing.


Even inside the pockets I slipped a few index cards


As well as into the back cover envelope


I used sort of key rings to bind the pages together and clipped some chain/charms to it.



And here we have a beautiful gift for our pricipessa Sabina. (Her father is Italian).

Maybe some day I  will get the chance to page through the journal and so are able to enjoy all the different episodes in her life, which I  I’ve never been able to see ‘life’, as she is growing up thousand and thousand of km away from me.


Some ideas to stash away and record in a baby journal:

Make a copy of her health passport, record the vaccination date and her well being after. Stash away the till slip of her first shoes (with photo) inside, write down her first solid food, her first laugh, word, her first dress (photos and labels from bought items) pieces of gift wrapping and ribbons of her presents…you will find lots and lots of other ideas and uses.



Lots of fun arranging your own envelope journals and filling it.

Keep me updated with photos or blog posts of your own projects or beautiful journal ideas for my next project.

Thank you.

Love and light











4 thoughts on “ANOTHER PROJECT: ENVELOPE JOURNALS or a pretty gift for my baby niece

  1. You put so much work into this!! It is adorable. I scrap booked for 15 years and loved every minute of it. But then I had to go back to work full time…boo!! I thought it be nice to follow each other since we have our grandson and niece in common☺

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