SIGNS FROM HEAVEN or in Memory of Matthias

Photo0384These are the coins, I selected on the streets, parking bays or Malls. No big deal, one would think, but since my son died in May 2012 and I believe in angels and signs, they mean the world to me. I counted 45 5c coins and three 10c coins and a washer(why I kept the washer is another story..)

Photo0385And lots of the found coins landed in Ralph’s collection mug, before I dropped them into a special box.

Photo0386This is what the angel card says, THE CARD COMES FROM DOREEN VIRTUE DECK ‘DAILY MESSAGES’

Photo0387I thought after I have found a coin today, I am going to tell you about my selection and also I will introduce my son to you , now that you read a few stories around him and replied and sent so lovely, compassionate and inspiring comments back. Thank you for that.

406376_10150505842558525_1482028656_nMatthias and his big brother Ralph(left)

201968_1659006357132_7317138_oand Matthias (left) with his younger brother Frank and his dad(not a nice pic, but the only one together with Frank I could find

407277_3114543745521_1219651096_nMatthias relaxing, my niece took the two necklaces from him on the accident scene and I wore the silver one for a few weeks, until I could hand it over to Frank. The other one I gave to Ralph, on our way back home from the accidents scene, without Matthias…..

395777_348406878525754_1660583700_nA few of my favorite pics


393820_3114784271534_432163939_nthis one is standing behind my bed on the head rest:

407571_3113602761997_1163303745_nalways reminding me of: Mom I see you……I am here…..Don’t worry….

408975_3114531825223_310488514_nAnd this was what he lived for….camping in the bush, on the farm or at the coast. He love the car at the back and I hate it, it was the car they had the accidents with (he was passenger)

405243_3114307219608_1653201902_nMaking BBQ, called braai 399913_3114552185732_129520167_nvleis here  in Namibia was his favorite,

396488_3113541640469_153558250_nPootjie kos (kind of stew) at the coast and he was always in charge of the cooking

393972_3114712949751_122404119_nHe loved to laugh and joking around10931_1066346116288_5425180_n


393972_3114712949751_122404119_nhis laughing was contagious, you couldn’t but to laugh with him…


Can these be orbs on these two pics around Matthias and his friends?????????????


405291_3113585841574_1992769156_nFishing was his passion…on the coast or just at the dam on the farm


and again the car…..but he loved it,


409490_3114276138831_2141548010_nAnd this was also Matthias, always ‘working (he was in his 3rd year becoming a mechanic )



always preparing the food on their outings…..


taking us to a favorite spot here in Windhoek to enjoy a sun dower…..

403008_3114218377387_1455873238_nand chilling at the beach…..

402760_3114668348636_1408698551_none last favorite pic for today.

I hope you enjoyed the photos…..

Lots of love






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