TAPPING INTO YOUR OWN AWESOMENESS or what have we accomplished during January 2013


Leaving the first month of 2013 behind us, we are running the same old routine as always.

Or don’t we? Are we implementing more than we  are realising?

Reading one of my favorite blogs a few days ago,  I came across a link, which gave me much to think about.

“So , that happened”, by Alexandra Franzen is an awesome way to not underestimate your own potential and achievements.

I personally think you can tap into your own awesomeness by writing a to do list in advance. Note down things you want or need to accomplish this month and whenever you are done with one deed, tick it off, scrap it from your list.  Additionally celebrate  your ‘victory’ with a nice cappuccino, slice of cake, piece of chocolate or whatever makes your heart sing. Let your soul feel, you are great, you have done it, no matter how small this goal seems to be.

The other way is to list everything you have achieved at the end of the month, as stated in the article or as Jutta has done on my favorite blog.

Either way, please note every little step. goal, action, never think that cleaning the kitchen cupboard thoroughly or doing the filing is too small to mention.

Finishing my filing would be a huge success on my list, though…..as well as working out or getting up in the morning as soon as the alarm goes off, no more snoozing….

But I don’t want to write a negative list here, lets see if I can find a few things I am really proud of for January.

And here we go, thinking, lip biting, thinking some more, what have I done……..so I suppose for me the way to write a to do list in advance is the better option. I could still add to it, if something else comes up.

At least I can remember one great step I have achieved in January and that is believing in myself again and making the right choice.

No. 1 on my February list will be: My Reiki 1 Course and signing myself into a Yoga Class.

Lets see if I can tick this off soon.

What kind of listing is your choice and what could you tick off so far?

IMG_0036May you all have a lovely weekend.

God bless.



7 thoughts on “TAPPING INTO YOUR OWN AWESOMENESS or what have we accomplished during January 2013

  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much dear Claudia for the link, and congrats again on your decisions! How are you doing? xxx

    • Hello,
      it a weird feeling at home now, knowing that Frank is not coming home ‘anytime’, but I am so proud and glad, that he managed to get this opportunity all on his own and of course to is dedicated work with the horses. He earned it.
      I am ok so far, still working ’til end of February, and looking forward to go back into the estate agent business full time as from March 2013.
      already creating ads and flyers and lots of promotion items…
      Looking forward to see you next week…
      Have a lovely day.

  2. I must thank Jutta for being the means of meeting you. I’ve read through all your posts and I’m following so I don’t miss any new ones. My sister lost her 27 yr. old son ten years ago and experienced all the same things you are going through. Although nothing can ever be the same, it may help you to know that she did put together a satisfying and even happy life. Her sign is butterflies. They will often land on her now and she always says, “hello Matthew” when they do.

  3. Claudia, I so totally agree how good it feels to mark something off your list and have that accomplished feeling. BTW…your comforting words on my memorial post meant a lot to me…thank you! I too am SO sorry for YOUR loss of your son…hoping and praying you will find some comfort in the relationships in the blogging world. Blessings, friend!

    • you,re welcome…..I do find comfort in the blogger world and I appreciate each and every comment from whoever feels assigned to do so. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to ‘talk’ to ‘strangers’ than to your friends and family especially if they went through the same trauma. It kind of ‘unites’ Have a blessed weekend, can’t wait to see more photos of the little chap….he is so cute…

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