NEW BEGINNINGS or when kids leave home

This is Frank, my youngest son (19). His passion are horses and riding.







He left home last Wednesday to take a gap year in Germany at Hof Kasselmann, where he will be introduced to all kind of professions around horses, stables and studs.

Despite of peoples opinion, that this is not a profession one can become a millionaire in, I teached my children that they should choose a profession they love, as they have to do this for the ‘rest’ of their lives. And if you do what you love, prosperity will find a way to you naturally.

And that Frank is loving horses, riding and outdoors, one can view here:


Frank on a cross country ride in Sphinxblick













at Kapps Stables

251055_2107609176536_3056067_n      247935_2107763980406_7809168_n


284735_1904712459631_218661_n  At Gymkhana Club Windhoek





And Frank, with his parents, after he had won the high jump at Kapps Stables





We have to get used to it, that he is not around home for a long time, but we are surely proud of him and we wish him all the best for his start in his new life.

Lots of love











10 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS or when kids leave home

    • yes it is difficult, but we have family in Germany and he is close by to visit them every weekend, but we here in namibia, we miss two sons now… but such is life, I am glad he took the opportunity. thanks for your comment

  1. Oh my, this must be difficult for both of you. On the other hand, it is of course wonderful that he can go (and you can visit?)
    thinking of you xxx

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