SO ITS VALENTINES DAY or disclosing your love

Despite of all the controversies and hullabaloos (just loved this word while searching for a suitable expression) around this day, I wish all of you a Lovely Valentines Day.

Hopefully with lots of chocolates, flowers or other ways showing the appreciation of loved ones in your life.

I had an early What’s App message from Frank this morning:’ Happy Valentines Day, Mom’. This really made my day.

Ralph, my eldest son,265039_4337324433410_949489110_n

will most probably make dinner again tonight, as he did the last few week already, which suddenly reminds me of my 25th wedding anniversary on 23.05.2012. That day Ralph and Matthias prepared a lovely dinner, Cordon Bleu, for my husband and me. Never knowing that this would be our last dinner together, as two days later on 25.05.2012 Matthias had the fatal accident.

And Hans will most probably have a nice chocolate for me when he comes home. He knows, that I do not prefer flowers, they remind me of the days after Matthias’ death. The whole house was full of flowers.

Actually I didn’t plan the post to be like this, I actually intended to make it a happy and light one.

But in every moment of a day is a hidden memory of our deceased loved ones, just waiting to shine through to lighten up our day with love (and tears).

And so we will never ever forget them. Through our memories we keep them alive.

Lots of love to you on this special day.






7 thoughts on “SO ITS VALENTINES DAY or disclosing your love

  1. Hello dear Claudia, i just love your posts, if they turn out how you planned them or not. They are so honest and heart felt and they make me feel very connected to you. You are such a brave lady!!! xxxx

  2. Claudia, As one human being attempting to help another, I sense and share your feelings of loss, anguish, anxiety and sadness… I have likewise experienced these feelings too many times in my life. What I’ve redemptively found, however, when zooming out my perspective and feelings to a universal level, is that the healthiest and most compassionate thing you can do for yourself is to allow yourself to create and experience “closure” and move forward in the celebration of Your life; Never letting go of the sweet memories of those who have likewise “moved on”, but rather, committing to the resumption of Your Life in the most compassionate, deliberate and meaningful way… It will serve as the most loving tribute to those you’ve lost and you know, deep within your heart, they would truly want this for you and have it no other way… God bless you in your journey and for your compassion. Be Well.

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