The last week was a bit tough.

On Tuesday Ralph was admitted to hospital getting his knee surgery done (repair of acl), which he had torn during Christmas while participating in the annual Christmas Cup Soccer in Swakopmund.

As soon as the knee is healed a bit (six weeks) and getting used to the daily physio, which is crucial to get it back in shape and to normal usage, he will also take a gap year, most probably going to Germany as well.

As Ralph studied Sports Management and Coaching and Sports Conditioning Fitness Trainer, he knows about the physio exercises and is doing well. His goal is to play soccer again at the 2013 Christmas Cup in Swakopmund.

Friday I started my new career as an estate agent seeing a few clients on Saturday already and now I am more or less relaxing at home and finding some time to do a new post.

Not sitting in front of the PC from 8-5 anymore, using my lunch time to write posts and surf in blogger world (as I stayed at work during lunch) I neglected the blog a bit the last few days.

And now I am going to post some images of the last days  for you to see what we where up to here in Namibia.

urbnThe Logo of my new work:

IMG-20130226-WA0002Ralph shortly after the operation and his knee

IMG-20130226-WA0001IMG-20130227-WA0006trying to crochet baby booties, unfortunately all came out differently, so I decided to buy the real baby wool and the correct size hook and voila

IMG-20130227-WA0007a nice pair of ballerinas for my baby niece in Ireland

IMG_1025images of last Sundays outing to a family friend on a plot outside Windhoek

IMG_1044her lovely herb garden, suffering from the heat wave and no rain in sight

IMG_1045my favorite: Lavender, my little lavender plant unfortunately died , guess the decoupage pot was too small..

IMG_1058Ethean, my niece’s second child

IMG_1063and his big brother Tyler

IMG_1067and their mother, my niece Michelle

IMG_1073Tyler’s little friends, who can remember these PEZZI SWEETS  holders? I used to love them.

IMG_1088my husband and


IMG-20130301-WA0004Sabina, my little niece in Ireland, she will wear the crochet ballerinas

IMG-20130302-WA0001a nice cappuccino I had on Saturday, even if I am mostly drinking tea now, every now and then I cannot resist one

IMG-20130302-WA0007Frank and my Mom in Germany on sight-seeing, viewing a huge passenger ship in Papenburg, he always sends images via Whats app

IMG-20130302-WA0004The ship

Photo0347and last but not least an image of my beloved son Matthias, always on our minds, being away from us for more than 9 month now.


I wish you a lovely Sunday and a good start into the next week.

I will be out and  about around Windhoek on Monday, trying to find new properties.

Wish me luck.

Love and light












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