THE LAST TWO WEEKS or the first two weeks

The last weeks were busy, but now I feel I need to relax a bit and see what is going on here in blogger world.

I even was nominated an award, which I need to attend to this weekend, thanks Carolyn, I will take some time to answer the questions and post the award on my blog this weekend.

The last two weeks or my first two weeks as an estate agent were great. I am proud of myself how much I achieved so far by taking it easy, not pushing myself and taking it slow. The surprise is that I am still progressing with this formula. A great deal more than I did when I started as an agent in 2011, when I ran around trying too hard to do everything and pleasing all at the same time, meanwhile loosing myself. Now I am confident, when a conflict arises I breath (my Yoga classes kick in here) and after a few minutes I feel fine and able to resolve it and go into it relaxed.

I even finished a few booties, remember I started crocheting, for my lovely niece in Ireland.

IMG-20130315-WA0002my niece Sabina


IMG-20130310-WA0001I sent off the booties today to Frank in Germany, my sister and my son will visit my Mom during the Easter holidays and we will see then if the booties will fit…


same pattern, but different kind of wool and needle sizes

It took me a while, about hundred sample booties, one bigger or smaller or skewer than the other, all landing outside, or rather say under the table for the dogs to play with, but I persisted and tried again and again, until I succeeded.

And again the magic is to stay calm…. fine I didn’t all the time…..but the magic word really is be calm and relaxed, breath and take it easy. Then you will succeed. That is what I have found out the last weeks and I hope I will remember my own words whenever the going gets tough again.

And it will, with Matthias’ birthday coming up in less than 1 month, his first birthday in heaven, yesterday being the 14th, his birthday is the 14.4., I can feel the restlessness, the overwhelming sadness and panic creeping up on me again.

But with my Yoga and my Reiki (I did the Reiki 1 course in February) I will be well equipped to get through it.

Jutta Dobler is both, my Yoga teacher and Reiki Master and you can link to her blog here. She is a lovely and kind person and I am grateful I have met her. She helps me a great deal to cope and to get back my inner peace.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love and light



5 thoughts on “THE LAST TWO WEEKS or the first two weeks

  1. Thank you darling Claudia. I might help, but you are the one doing the actual work, the sitting-with-it, the breathing, the putting one foot in front of the other even when it seems impossible. You are so courageous and such an inspiration! Big hug my dear friend xxx

  2. I have just stumbled upon your blog and was touched by your story. Grief is the most difficult experience anyone can face and everyone’s journey is unique. What I learned is that time does not take away the pain of a loss such as yours but it does teach us how to manage the pain … after a while. My first husband died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 49. Our sons were 11 and 12. I understand your pain and devastation. You will go on and slowly find yourself again. Yoga is a healing force. Namaste.

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