Today is a public holiday here in Namibia: Independence Day

And this is how I spent the holiday:


Going to my favorite cafe: THE TEAPOT in Ferreiras Nursery

Photo0448Where I had breakfast with my son Ralph



I had the health muffins, but as the service was a bit slow today, when the muffins arrived I already had two cappuccino and I was full.

We took the muffins home in a ‘doggy bag’ and my son ate it in the afternoon, while I was visiting a dear friend.

Whenever we go the this cafe inside the nursery, I buy a flowering pot plant to set aside on the side board for Matthias





Coming back to a dear friend.

I haven’t seen my friend Manuela in a few month. Shortly after Matthias died, I wasn’t able to face a few people in my life, but today I had the impulse to call her and ask her if I could come by for coffee. She is actually living around the corner from where I stay, but I hadn’t the energy or strength to see her, as I was too busy with my own problems and coping with the trauma of losing a child and couldn’t stand to listen to somebody else problems.

Today I felt drawn to her and found the strength to face her again. Felt strong enough to listen to her problems and ups and downs in life and felt good to be there for her. And I am glad I did. We talked for hours and if she wouldn’t have to pick up her son I guess I would still be sitting there.

But as I said, she is just living around the corner and I am sure that we will see each other more often from now on.

Thank you Manuela for understanding my absence, even if we didn’t talk about it at all, but we chatted away immediately as if we have never been apart for month’.

I am glad I can face life and all ups and downs again and be of help just by listening to other people’s concerns.

Without getting treated by Neuro Balance, I wouldn’t be so far now and I am grateful to have done it, even it was quiet expensive, but it is worse every cent.


Have a great weekend (guess I can wish this already, as tomorrow is Friday)

and lots of love and light to all of you.






6 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE DAY IN NAMIBIA or a friend reunion

  1. Lovely! The breakfast, the flowers and the meeting with your friend :-). Constantly growing…
    Thanks for your other email, will answer soon xxxx

      • Hi Claudia. One of my other fellow bloggers was having trouble too. So I spent a while typing up 2 pages of instructions for her. If you have got an email address that you would like me to use to forward the instructions to you, then I would be happy to do so. There is too much information to leave in a comment. My email address is

    • got it right, thanks again

      On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Claudia Schönmetzler wrote:

      > Hi, thank you so much for the award. > I cannot find a way to get the award onto my blog, can you help me out > here? > Claudia > > > On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 11:41 PM, DAILY LIFE IMPRESSIONS <

  2. Thank you Claudia ! Was good to see you again, and I am glad that you finally felt up to it ! Just like you had a hard time coping with the loss of Matthias, I was trying to cope with the death of my brother Michael…it was good just chatting today, about all kinds of things, and yes we will definetely try and see more of each other in future !

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