GOT AN AWARD TODAY or I am glad you like my blog

Today I have got an award from another blogger quirkybooks.

Thank you so much for this award, which you can admire in my side bar on the right side of my blog.

As I have already got it right to display the award and thanked my nominee, I still have to find

7 things about me, you still do not know yet

1. I am a sagittarius

2. I was afraid of dogs as a child, now  my dogs sleep with me in my bed

3. Even if I am living in a land (Namibia) where everybody gets exited when it rains, I do not like rain

4. I did a Reiki course and will start to practice Reiki soon

5. I have always been a non smoker

6. I have a certificate in Short Story Writing

7. I am trying to become a vegetarian, but haven’t succeeded yet. Tips and help are welcome

Now I have to nominate 15 bloggers for the award

1. tales of love and chocolate: from Jutta Dobler, my absolute favorite blog

2. Laurie‘s Pride in Photos blog

3. Jen and her Winter Owls blog

4. The Hurt Healer from Carolyn Hughes

5. Karen Kubicko

6. Living Simply Free



9. Angela Inspire 1 Life Everyday

10. Valerie Valerie Davies blog


12. Zen Doe Windhorseblog




These are all blog I regularly read and they are also following me, a huge thank you for that with this award.

I thank you all for being part of my blog.


15 thoughts on “GOT AN AWARD TODAY or I am glad you like my blog

  1. You are welcome for the award. Very well deserved, I love your blog. Reiki – Wow! That sounds incredible. Let us know how you get on.

    Just out of interest, how did you get over your fear of dogs?

  2. Congratulations Claudia, it’s nice to know you’re appreciated, isn’t it!
    And thank you so much for thinking of me… so generous of you, and I really appreciate your support..

  3. Congratulations! Recognition can be a motivator, however, it is obvious from reading your words that your motivation comes from the heart, accompanied by compassion and humility. Writing suits you well & my wish for you is continued healing in an unbridled fashion. Live well, Speak well, Be well.

  4. Ps. the creative chaos button (thanks so much for putting that on!) still links to my old blog. i have a new button on the blog with the right link xx

  5. Dankeschön, das ist total nett, leider nehme ich keine Awards an, da es immer wieder Ärger damit gibt, irgendjemand fühlt sich immer zurücksetzt.
    Nicht bös sein.

    Herzliche Grüße von Mathilda ♥

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