HOOKED ON CROCHETING or funky bracelets


Being a bit restless again the last few days, it was time to find a new art and craft project.

As I am hooked on crocheting at the moment, being busy creating a granny square blanket for little Sabina, I remembered a quick diy I read on my favorite blog : Crocheting a bracelet, or necklace out of craft wire and beads.

This is the outcome:

Funky bracelets or necklaces, created in less than half an hour:




This is the art of craft project I love, easy, lovely and done in a short time, before one gets bored or rather impatient to get the finished result.

Me, as always going overboard, just wanted to try it, went to the craft shop and intended to only buy items for around 100.00 Namibian Dollars, but I came out with goods for 200.00 Dollars, as I couldn’t decide on colour of wire and beads (silver, which I actually wanted to buy was out of stock)This means I will have enough stock for about 20 more bracelets/necklaces and I will need an outlet to sell them for me, as I never will use all of them for myself.

I wish all of you a happy and lovely Easter Weekend.

Keep well.

Love and light.




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