GUILT or doing nothing at all for a while

I just read a quote on FB saying something like this: Why not doing absolutely nothing for a whole day- this is good for the soul

And I thought, well, might be true, but why do we feel guilty, as soon as we only think about doing absolutely nothing?

I even feel guilty sitting in front of the laptop, not dressed yet at 10h00 in the morning, even if it is  Saturday….my husband is getting his top up session with neuro balance brain optimising, Ralph is getting ready for BIWAK (Windhoek carnival season starting off today) No need to rush at all, but still this nagging feeling, go get a shower and get dressed, do something worthwhile, do the washing, clean the fridge…anything. But do something.

Being an estate agent now, working mostly from home and business being quiet at the moment is getting me down already. Feeling I am not doing enough, while waiting for people to call me about their property, even if I place ads, driving around canvassing (looking for houses) printing pamphlets and distributing them on various parking bays, I still feel guilty not ‘going’ to work, sitting at a desk (even if I do at home) from 8-5 ‘working”.

What defines ‘working’ for us? And what defines ‘doing nothing’?

For me working means doing something to get paid for, making a living. Doing nothing means to me,  doing something I do not get paid for, I have fun doing it, doing something not expected from me, like cleaning, doing the dishes and washing, cooking, shopping for groceries ect. Just doing what I love at the moment, like now, I feel like writing this posts.

We are so programmed by society, by our upbringing and about lots of other media, that we do not listen to ourselves, deny our own feelings about what might be good or bad for us, just want to please all others by doing what they expect from us, but not what we, our body and our soul might need the most at the moment. As soon as we do what pleases us the most at the moment, guilt is making its way back into our conscious, or at least this is the situation in my life. And it is hard to deny, to not listen to it, not jumping up, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor or rearranging the tupperware cupboard, but doing what makes you happy at the moment.

It is so ridiculous, knowing you deserve a time out, knowing that the cupboard was cleaned and rearranged the other day, but guilt it something someone planted into your conscious years ago by saying some odd phrases to you and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Or find a button to just switch it off, not listening to the ‘you should do instead’ phrases. Blend them out. Easy to say, hard to do….any tips are welcome.

Its Monday again, was too busy doing nothing for the whole weekend, so I had no time to finish this post..ha,ha, just kidding….

Ok, Monday….I have not found a way yet, to overcome the terrible guilt I feel by not ‘really working’. I should be happy about knowing I did all I could to promote me as an estate agent, did some canvassing (no results) wrote some ads on FB, reading and answering my mail, confirming a house viewing for Thursday and being at the pharmacist, where we have a lady who is doing Bach Flower Remedy and getting some ‘help’ there for this nagging feeling of being restless, worthless, impatient, feeling guilty.

But I guess the best advice , I read again on Jutta’s blog today, is creating a mantra or affirmation, as she did overcoming the Monday blues by saying “Thank God it is Monday”.( And tomorrow we say “Thank God Monday is over…….)

Lets see if a mantra or affirmation will bring relieve.

What is your experience with doing nothing, guilt and affirmations? Or experiences with Bach Flower remedy or other homeopathic remedies at all?


This is one of the bach flowers in my remedy especially made for me: exactly how I feel right now…

“Those who are liable to times of gloom or even despair, as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of life. It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks. Under these conditions it is almost impossible to appear happy or cheerful.” – Dr. Edward Bach
Depression, deep gloom for no reason
Human indication:  When you feel depressed for no reason. Like a dark cloud that destroys normal cheerfulness.
Animal/pet indication:  If your pet seems depressed for no reason

And last but not least a few images  to cheer us all up:


Coloured Easter Eggs, any tips, news about Colour Therapy?


Amarula Cake made for Easter


My new hobby :crocheting bracelets

Any tips on crystals or semi precious stone beads? Heard to drill a whole into a crystals or stone will affect the vibration?



Ralph’s newest screen printing T-shirt, done yesterday evening


A few more granny squares for Sabina’s blanket

And have a lovely week.

Love and light.






4 thoughts on “GUILT or doing nothing at all for a while

  1. I’ve learned I have to work at giving validity to when I give myself permission to take time to do nothing. I hadn’t planned to get up as early today but then my mind was buazzing about everything I wanted to accomplish — and the only thing to do at that point was to get out of bed and get with the program. I think alot of it has to do with my generation being told over and over, to accomplish and make something of your life, you must work hard and excell at everything you do. Now that I’ve done that, other than a darn good therapist, I’ve had no one to teach me to just let things go while I take time off for myself and have fun.

    By the way, I found you on Carolyn Hughes blog and came on over to say hi. I like your blog and as of today am a follower.

  2. thank you so much, my problem is, I must realize that these things are my work now, even if it is done in less than 8 hours a day. I should be glad to have a bit of free time in between, in a few weeks I might be complaining about being overworked… or I hope so….believe so…

  3. I believe that a lot of emphasis is placed on accomplishment and taking a break from that is perceived as laziness. For some of us the pressure comes from a person, for others it comes from within. How sad that we cannot enjoy moments of idleness and feel we must be working or accomplishing something at all times.
    On a positive note – keep believing! Your efforts (ads, canvassing, pamphlets) will pay off and you will be compensated for the work you are doing now.
    Btw, love the bracelet 🙂

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