• Matthias Schoenmetzler – missing you than never before. Wished I could´ve spend the last few hours with you. There is no day where I am not missing you…we all miss you. Things seem to be so much harder without you. When I am home, it feels like an empty place. Your closet is still like it was before you left. I always beg mom not to empty it – in case you come back….and the bakkie is fixed, ready for you to go. Next destination: Farm I guess?? Hehe. I never gave you a chance to take the dogs along – wish I did. The other day I remembered that you still owe me a hundred bucks…the next day I found ten € on the street. Guess you calculated in the interest? Clever boy. Planing on having a spit braai when Im back home – I remember you runnig aroung with the syringe filled with the marinade….made me think of you like a junky….
    Found this ….`A little bit country`, guess you would´ve liked it, dont you?
    Going to my apartment now…my girl is paying me a visit… I can see that dirty smile on your face, whipe it off!! Keep an eye on us…and…Pay me a visit, will you?

Go Rest High on That Mountain (lyrics) – Vince Gill

This, above, is the latest Facebook entry for and about Matthias

and a few older ones, below this words, from friends and family, all saying the same that you have been such an incredible, amazing and lovely person and we are all trying so hard to live without you on this earth. Hoping we will see each other again when time is right. Missing you so much. We never thought we will make it this far without you, but we are all so amazingly strong:

each one in his/hers special way and

ALL FOR ONE AND ALL FOR LOVE (and one for all, being a favorite song of mine)

and time flies, never stops for you to catch up, but we are still only making little steps forward, sometimes a few back, but then again forward again.  I do my best, as I always think you would want me to be happy again, living life to the fullest.

I try, I really do, sometimes  I am even forgetting the pain for a few hours, especially when I at work at kindergarten. the little ones are always showing me the bright side of life, shining their light for me. But on my way home I feel the pain creeping back inside me.

Ute said this morning, maybe we should move again. We’ve been only here for three weeks in this house when you died, so we have not so many memories with you in this home, but maybe the memories of the seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, month, year after your death are haunting us here. Maybe……but I guess even a new home will not fill the hole you left in our hearts when you died.

So we keep being strong for you and for each other. Only this brought us thus far. The thought of making you happy wherever you are. And I guess you are made out of the same wood as your mother, you can only be happy when your closest family and friends are happy.

So happy it will be from now on.

And Frank,

Photo0685…..Matthias’ wardrobe is still as he left it…in case he comes back…….mwa.





Tanja Jacobie

May 25

Today we are celbrating ur life. If there is one thing that u truely thaught me is to live life to the fullest. I love u and miss u always. — with Andy Burkhardt and 7 others.

Stefan Buchholz

April 14

Alles gute mein maat obwohl du nicht mehr bei uns bist denken wir noch so viel an dich. Hoffe du enjoyst das noch da oben HDL — with Matthias Schoenmetzler.

Andy Burkhardt

April 14

Matthias Schoenmetzler, Happy Birthday to a dear friend, you’ll be special to me until the end. Celebrate today and know this is true, My life has been blessed because of you.. Alles gute, vermissen dich sehr.. HDL

Frank Schönmetzler

April 14

Letztes Jahr haben wir heute deinen 21sten gefeiert. leider können wir heute deinen 22ten nicht mit dir feiern weil du jetzt schon fast seit einem Jahr an einem ganz besonderen Ort bist! Pass auf Dich auf da oben! Happy Birthday Matthias Schoenmetzler !!

Frank Schönmetzler

March 18

Oft denke ich daran, wie schön es wär mit dir zu reden. Oft habe ich den Wunsch du wärst nie gegangen, es hätte uns viel leid und last ertragen. Zu oft denke ich mit Hass und Wut daran wieso es so gekommen ist. Doch weiss ich das es dir gut geht und ein Wiedersehen ist nicht ausgeschlossen. Pass auf Dich auf! Matthias Schoenmetzler

Sascha Straubeposted toMatthias Schoenmetzler

March 9

Je schöner und voller die Erinnerung, desto schwerer ist die Trennung. Aber die Dankbarkeit verwandelt die Erinnerung in eine stille Freude. Denk daran das du nie vergessen wirst auch wenn du nicht mehr bei uns bist!!

Frank Schönmetzlerposted toMatthias Schoenmetzler

February 20

Einmal ein Ticket zum Himmel und zurück, bitte. Damit ich meinen Bruder besuchen kann…
Vermisse Dich….hätte Dir so viel zu erzählen!



Andy Burkhardtposted toMatthias Schoenmetzler

August 19, 2012

hab eine geraucht heut abend, zu himmel geschaut, gesung zu melody von matthias reim-hallo, ich wollt nur wissen wies dir geht.. das was ich dacht kamm aus mein mund, ich hab dann in den wolken geguckt und gehofft dich zu sehen, mit den laecheln das nur du hattest, ich schwoere es dir ich hab dich gesehen, das hoert sich vielleicht bescheuert an aber ich hab dich gesehen, vielleicht meine fantasy aber vielleicht auch nicht, und ich glaub das war sie nicht…



967162_10151381927911459_28472029_oMatthias facebook profile can be viewed here:


God bless.


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