DO YOU HAVE A STRONG WILLPOWER or changing habits are not easy

The first month of 2014 is nearly over and I went back to work this week.

My son Frank went back to Germany yesterday and we are more or less back into our daily routine.

Routine I thought, how boring. So I decided to do something about it. Change the daily routine as easy as that.

Easy? Yes, just change your daily habits, I thought.

What is a habit? I once read that if you do something continuously for 21 days it becomes a habit.

So one of my habits is to set the alarm for a specific time in the morning, but when it gets off, I press snooze once or twice, before I actually get out of bed and into the shower. I could easily change that to setting the alarm to the precise time I need to get up and jump out of bed straight away, couldn’t I? I could even take a bath instead of a shower.

And when I am done in the bathroom, running into the kitchen to make coffee, I could brew some tea instead. I am not eating breakfast in the mornings, So I could start doing it, or I could implement some running on my  trainer before taking a shower or do yoga for half an hour.

Changing your routine or habits sounds easy, but why aren’t we doing it? Why are we clinging to the same old habits day in day out and moaning about them?

It all has to do with willpower. And this is tricky. If I for instance set the alarm precisely to 5.15am  getting up straight away, instead of 5 am and snoozing a few minutes, I would lose a few minutes of comfortable snuggling and dreaming before emerging into the real world, which for the moment is sort of rewarding to me. So I need to reward me for getting up straight away after the alarm went off?

Could be the answer. But what could the reward be for getting up immediately?

And isn’t it falling from one habit into another?

I am a little bit confused here.

Maybe a bad example, but this is exactly what I want to change!

Getting up early. Getting some exercise. Shower or taking a bath, before the next exchange of habits could take place.

Drinking tea instead of coffee, eating or drinking (I am juicing lately, only my juicer and food processor broke simultaneously last week) breakfast and driving a few minutes earlier to work than I would need to. Meaning arriving relaxed and doing things consciously.

What would  my reward be for this?

I would be more composed. Have less stress. Could have a few minutes me-time in the mornings, just sitting outside listening to the quietness. Starting the daily routine with a calmer me.

Shouldn’t this be reward enough?

I will keep you informed about this, maybe on a weekly base. Could be another change of action, couldn’t it?


What would you change in your daily routine, just to make your day a little bit brighter for the rest of the year?


Why not trying Reiki to relax, stay healthy and get rid off bad habits?

I offer distance Reiki healing and one on one sessions for people in Windhoek/Namibia. Please click here for more information.


So lets do it.

Get some changes done and be proud of ourselves for having a strong willpower.

Love and light.IMG_1079



2 thoughts on “DO YOU HAVE A STRONG WILLPOWER or changing habits are not easy

  1. I can so resonate with that. Managed the getting up at 5, but am reading emails or a novel instead of journaling and meditation, which is what i imagine myself doing.
    But i also know that it is sometimes just a matter of timing. I know i will get back to the journaling etc, and the time will be right to do it soon. And than it will be easy(er).
    Lots of love

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