MY NEW INSPIRATION or #prompt60index with Daisy Yellow Art

After I started the #icad challenge with in June/July this year, and even FINISHED it, I was hooked on creating art journal pages for the last weeks, nearly every day.

Lately I am stuck or out of sync with the project. Sitting in front of my art staff not knowing where to begin, what to do and all I would start ending up in a mess.

Today I read a new post on fb of Daisy Yellow Art about the prompt60index and I felt drawn to it immediately. 

I looked for a journal or pages I could use for this project and found an long kept manuscript book, where I jotted down and pasted notes in about writing. I completed a course in short story writing yeaaarrs ago and started to collect notes and ideas in this manuscript. As there are more than half of the pages blank, I will use this journal for this new challenge.

Below find a few pictures of this book as it is right now and I will keep you informed of all my progress to fill in the blank pages in it in time.

Please feel inspired to go to and see what inspiration you can get out of this beautiful blog and group.

For now: be inspired, have fun and create on paper what’s deep inside you. It has a healing side as well.

Lots of love 



open any page in your art journal or use a loose blank page
add some circles of colour, I used ordinary watercolour, and clutch paper together, and more colour, clutch together again….
you can do that a few times with different colour until page looks good to you
hold page or book upright and add some blobs of colour to let it run down the page, turn upside down and do the same
this is how I create this page


cut items out of magazines or gift wrap


and glue onto page, I used home made modge podge [gel medium] but you can use any glue to your liking


add some stamps, I used a bought one, which I forgot to add into the pic, or use any object you can find to stamp onto page


stamp a frame around pages, you can use any medium, ink, water colour or any pens to do that, explore your own options, look what you have on hand or can find around the house, I use a piece of a mosaic sheet I could imagespare…image

cut out some quotes, phrases or words which compliment the right page and glue on the left page, you can also use word stamps, stickers or hand written wordsimage

now you can add more colour, stamps to the page


I used some templates, mine are cappuchino templates, and I used my finger to dab the paint on


paint some more circles with brush, add some stamps with found objects, use whateveryou have on hand and as much as you feel your page needs


outline some items with different pens, white gelli pen, permanent black marker, golden gel pen, or use whatever you have


I also coloured over some paint with neo colour twisters
now you can leave the page as is or still add more
do whatever feels good to you


Have fun
Love and Light

ICAD or a challenge completed

This year I participated for the first time in the challenge ICAD of
There are only two days left of the challenge and I am kind of sad, proud, and inspired altogether.
Sad that it is over soon, proud of myself that I have done it up to the end
and inspired to do more art journaling, icads or anything likewise on a daily base.
There have been so many beautiful, awesome and pretty cards. I have met so many lovely people, I received so many kind words, inspiring comments and even received an icad from one of the participants of America. I can only tink of one word precribing all of this.
Wow to all of us.
It was a great time and I will be participating again next year for sure.

Below please find a few of my icads in the meantime.
As I am only working afternoons as from September, I will have lots of me time for a while and I will use it exclusively for me, my daly art journaling and for writing again, which I have negelected a bit in the past few month.

Thanks again to all of the icad group members. Well done to all of you and keep inspired.
I for sure will be…..











GRATITUDE JOURNALS or my way of spending a few hours in harmony





image These are 2 of my latest journals I created. I love to loose myself in creating with paper, when I need a few hours to calm down and forgetting….           

I would love to do the ICAD challenge, but need some inspiration and to start tutorials, step by step tutorials or just your ideas and creations tips and tricks. 

I did one card a few days ago, in the dark, before the TV. Theme was rainbows, but I find my card a bit dull. But it is a start, isn’t it? Please send me your ideas and creations . I need to be inspired and motivated.

Thank you so much.

Love and light



NATURE HAS ITS OWN COURSE or watch out what you are thinking

A few days ago I created two butterfly feeder.




As it was raining and overcast a bit, I never spotted any butterflies at all til today.

This morning my son said, I cannot let the dogs out, as there are hundreds of bees in the tree outside the terrace.

I could hear them humming……..what now?


I asked my husband to come and look, but he went into a frenzy, as he was attacked by bees years ago in his workshop in Okahandja. He had to undergo medical treatment amongst several other people around that area. One old man was actually lying on the street covered in bees,  almost dead. One  courageous man with his bakkie stopped and put him on the back of his car.  He drove him to hospital, where they both had to get medical treatment as well.

Anyway, it sounded as of the buzzing bees were multiplying in our tree.

Maybe it is my butterfly feeder with its sugary syrup inside attracting the bees, I thought. Even if not one bee was sitting on it. I got me some scissors went outside cutting off the feeder and plunging it into the green garbage bin, which was located far away from the house. I was not afraid at all, like I used to be, but my only concern were the dogs, who might get stung by the bees while  trying to catch and snapping at them. And of course the nervous state my husband was in by now, trying to figure out how to climb out of the bedroom window, as he was horrified to go past the tree on his way to the car. Actually he would have needed a ball cutter, as we have burglar proof in front of all the windows. And it would be lying in the garage, past the tree.

Luckily after a few minutes the humming stopped. Most of the bees were gone.

My two butterfly feeder broken in the trash.

While cleaning up the puppies pooh from the terrace, since Sunday we have a new family member, a white Labrador puppy, called Abby now.


She was supposed to be called Angel, but after  two days we decided this was not an appropriate name for her as she is up to lots of mischief, even getting her way with our two other dogs Baloo and Jackie.


So we came up with Abby, short for Abigail. We also opted for Sammy, short for Samantha, but it is not such a popular name for a dog here in Namibia……

Anyway while cleaning up,  my attention went back to the” bee tree . There were  two tiny white butterflies dancing around the crown of the tree,  a few bees were still sucking on the flowers and a yellow/black huge, beautiful butterfly was flying around back and fro from my garden into the neighbor’s garden.

1468545_10201178365683343_17310044_nsee the little white spot

Ok, I thought, now that I have thrown away your food you are coming, why haven’t you been here before?

I went around the tree, seeing that it is in full bloom now, after a few days of a bit of rain. Maybe the bees were attracted by the flowers, I thought, and after all not by my sweet-smelling butterfly feeder.

Ok then, I thought, went straight to the garbage bin to get the feeder out again, but the glass plate was broken now.  I took it out, went to the fridge to get the brown frozen banana out and cut it in pieces. I divided the fruit into two bowls, a smaller one for the pink and white Macrame hanger and a flat bowl, which I placed directly into the creeper



where the beautiful huge butterfly went passed all the time while flying to the neighbors and back into our garden.

The coincidence, if it is at all, is that when I hang up the feeder I thought, not that I am attracting all the bees around this area to my garden, instead of the butterflies.

Fact is, the butterflies are coming in steadily. The  bees are here as well. The feeders are up again, even if the insects are still only sucking all the nectar out of the freshly blooming flowers, instead of nipping at the smashed brown banana,which I heard would attract lots of butterflies.

Nature has its own course…..and watch out what you are thinking. It might come true.

So have a lovely day now and a wonderful weekend coming up with lots of seasonal greetings from me.

Love and light


GRATITUDE JOURNAL HAND MADE or getting rid off beautiful paper

My art and crafty site is calling again. Having lots and lots of beautiful papers collecting in boxes I searched the net for a nice way of getting rid off them. This will give me ‘ permission’  to buy new beautiful stuff next time I hit the craft stores without feeling guilty thinking about all the papers I already have in stock.


When I began, the table looked still very neatly, you don’t want to see it now…my family are complaining already, but they have to keep up with me for a few days, until the crafty urge is fading again….last time it lasted weeks…until the ‘mess” got onto my nerves as well, wandering back into the garage.

I decided on a gratitude journal.

Photo0352 I took some beautiful A 5 papers, decorated them with all sorts of stickers,  die cuts and pins, glued lined paper on labels and added it to some of the papers.

Some I left ‘clean’ for the owner to add some own ideas to it.



I did some mixed media on a card board for the front and back cover, but found this to stiff with no flexibility at all, so I had to find something different. I might use the covers for a different project, maybe you have an idea for me.

Photo0354Front cover, as on cardboard  is not bendable, so you are not able to turn the page, if you get what I mean…



Flipping through my papers, I came across a perfect page for the covers


Photo0356I fastened the papers and covers together with some ribbon, added some pins and chains with charms to it, voila. Finished.





As I have a few more papers I want to use up, I am planning to do a few more, also different styles and sizes for sale.

Have a nice week ahead.

Love and light.













Being inspired by hand-made candles, which I bought recently, I thought I gonna try this craft as well.

Here is my little tutorial, but I will give you a link to an informative web page below, where I got

my instructions from previously.

This is what I used:

Photo0315a block of wax, a few centimeters of wick and this little metal plates (I do not know the right description for these thingies)


Photo0316 an old pot, a modified coffee tin to melt the wax in (never melt the wax directly in a pot, but use this double cooker method only)


Photo0317the most important item, a thermometer. This is essential as the wax can easily catch fire if too hot.

The ideal pouring temperature is 160 degree F, which is about 71 degree C and for the topping up the degrees should be a little bit higher, 185 degree F, which is according to a conversion table on the internet, 85 degrees C.

Never let the thermometer out of your eyes and the temperature rise higher than the last given degrees.

I clipped the thermometer  onto the tin with a peg. There are also professional double cooker on the market for candle making, but for now I used this option. Never use it without the thermometer.

While the wax was melting slowly, I never switched the oven higher but on 2, I prepared the wicks.

Photo0321I cut the wicks into the appropriate length, clipped the little metal plates on and glued them in the center of my candle container.

Never cut the wick to short, as you will have a problem finding a way to keep it from sinking or bending.

Photo0322and then I attached pegs in a way to keep it straight and centered.

As soon as the wax had obtained the ideal pouring temperature, I filled the containers up, just below the rim. I left out the part where to heat up the containers before pouring in the wax, as it is hot here in Namibia after all

Photo0323Now comes the hardest part for me: WAIT,WAIT,WAIT….

It depends on the weather conditions around your home, I live in Namibia and it is really hot here now (30 degrees C), it will take a few hours or better leave  the candles to cool down until the next day. Don’t speed up this process as this will affect the quality of the candle/wax.


Photo0324you see that the wax forms a little hole in the middle while cooling down. For this reason one should always keep a certain amount of wax, in the same shade as the candle is, behind,  for the top up. When you heat the wax again, don’t forget the thermometer and to heat the wax slightly higher to 185 degrees F, or  85 degrees C, in order for the top up wax to smoothly melt onto the cooled down candle surface.

I was to dynamic (what a lovely word to use instead of impatient, pushy or forceful) as always, to keep that in mind, so I had already dropped different shaded wax into the pot, before I remembered the last bit of candle making instructions on a different tutorial. So I guess my top up will look a bit distinctive tomorrow.

For now I am done with the wax melting. while I WAIT for the ‘cool down’  I will search for a pretty idea to decorate the candle container, or should I have done the decoration before I poured the wax into the glasses? I don’t know, but will let you know  as soon as I have found out what version is more suitable and practical.

Here is the link/instructions I used for my candle making today where you can find more lovely ideas about candle making techniques:

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep well.