open any page in your art journal or use a loose blank page
add some circles of colour, I used ordinary watercolour, and clutch paper together, and more colour, clutch together again….
you can do that a few times with different colour until page looks good to you
hold page or book upright and add some blobs of colour to let it run down the page, turn upside down and do the same
this is how I create this page


cut items out of magazines or gift wrap


and glue onto page, I used home made modge podge [gel medium] but you can use any glue to your liking


add some stamps, I used a bought one, which I forgot to add into the pic, or use any object you can find to stamp onto page


stamp a frame around pages, you can use any medium, ink, water colour or any pens to do that, explore your own options, look what you have on hand or can find around the house, I use a piece of a mosaic sheet I could imagespare…image

cut out some quotes, phrases or words which compliment the right page and glue on the left page, you can also use word stamps, stickers or hand written wordsimage

now you can add more colour, stamps to the page


I used some templates, mine are cappuchino templates, and I used my finger to dab the paint on


paint some more circles with brush, add some stamps with found objects, use whateveryou have on hand and as much as you feel your page needs


outline some items with different pens, white gelli pen, permanent black marker, golden gel pen, or use whatever you have


I also coloured over some paint with neo colour twisters
now you can leave the page as is or still add more
do whatever feels good to you


Have fun
Love and Light


VIR MATTHIAS of as jou hart sing

When I was on a lodge


with my husband a few weeks ago, I tried to write something in afrikaans for my beloved son Matthias.

Matthias loved afrikaans music as much as I do.

On our way to the lodge I heard afrikaans music and the lyrics kept spinning around in my head.

Sitting quietly outside my bungalow, I tried to write down what I was feeling.

Here are a few words, for all my afrikaans music loving friends and family.


ek sit hier alleen en elke grashalm sing jou wysie

elke voeltjie sing jou lietjie

ek is daar by jou

ek sien jou in die groen van die bos en my hart is vol

ek hoor jou fluister

ek is daar by jou

ek sien jou in elke wonderlike skoonlappertjie

wat rond om my vlieg

en ek weet

jy vlieg saam

hoog hoog bo die donker wolke

wat my hart laat staan

en my lewe duister maak

tog my engeltjie vlieg hoog

verby die donker wolke

en jy vat my saam in die lig

laat die sonstrale weer in my hart skyn

wat vir my se

ek is daar by jou

in elke reen druppeltjie

in elke sonstral

in die vars lug na die reen

is ek daar by jou

en ek voel my hart is vol

vol vrede en tros

vol van liefde van jou

ek is daar by jou

roep die wonders van die wereld

ek is daar by jou

en my hart voel lig

en die donkerheid verdwyn

vlieg hoog my kind

vat my hart saam

en wys my die lig

wat alles beter maak


Ek weet nie of all die woorde so geskryf word, maar dit is nie belangrik, solank ek en jy weet, wat ek bedoel


vlieg hoog my kind, vlieg hoog

my hart is vol liefde, vol van jou

vir altyd


jou Ma