MY NEW INSPIRATION or #prompt60index with Daisy Yellow Art

After I started the #icad challenge with in June/July this year, and even FINISHED it, I was hooked on creating art journal pages for the last weeks, nearly every day.

Lately I am stuck or out of sync with the project. Sitting in front of my art staff not knowing where to begin, what to do and all I would start ending up in a mess.

Today I read a new post on fb of Daisy Yellow Art about the prompt60index and I felt drawn to it immediately. 

I looked for a journal or pages I could use for this project and found an long kept manuscript book, where I jotted down and pasted notes in about writing. I completed a course in short story writing yeaaarrs ago and started to collect notes and ideas in this manuscript. As there are more than half of the pages blank, I will use this journal for this new challenge.

Below find a few pictures of this book as it is right now and I will keep you informed of all my progress to fill in the blank pages in it in time.

Please feel inspired to go to and see what inspiration you can get out of this beautiful blog and group.

For now: be inspired, have fun and create on paper what’s deep inside you. It has a healing side as well.

Lots of love 



ICAD or a challenge completed

This year I participated for the first time in the challenge ICAD of
There are only two days left of the challenge and I am kind of sad, proud, and inspired altogether.
Sad that it is over soon, proud of myself that I have done it up to the end
and inspired to do more art journaling, icads or anything likewise on a daily base.
There have been so many beautiful, awesome and pretty cards. I have met so many lovely people, I received so many kind words, inspiring comments and even received an icad from one of the participants of America. I can only tink of one word precribing all of this.
Wow to all of us.
It was a great time and I will be participating again next year for sure.

Below please find a few of my icads in the meantime.
As I am only working afternoons as from September, I will have lots of me time for a while and I will use it exclusively for me, my daly art journaling and for writing again, which I have negelected a bit in the past few month.

Thanks again to all of the icad group members. Well done to all of you and keep inspired.
I for sure will be…..











Remembering my blog again……

Dear Friends,

while reading all the inspiring blogs, I thought, why not creating you own blog? And suddenly I remembered YOU DO HAVE A BLOG ALREADY  and here I am again.

I see that the last post was created in 2010, since then so much happened, not only positive stuff though, but lots of lessons have been learned and I can’t wait to share some with you in time.

So in the meantime feel free to ‘page’ through my older posts here and wait…….

Love and light to all of you.

Tränen für den Clown

Tränen für den Clown

Ich bin ein Clown
Ein armer Wicht
Und steht fast immer
Im Rampenlicht

Ich darf nicht weinen
Muss immer nur lachen
Um euch Spass
Und Freude zu machen

Ich tu es zwar gern
Doch denkt niemand daran
Das ich irgendwann
Auch mal traurig sein kann

So denke immer
Wenn Du traurig bist
An mich den Clown
Der es auch manchmal ist

Und weine auch
Ein paar Tränen für mich
Denn ich als Clown
Ich darf es ja nicht

Von Sabine & Claudia Pieper