MY NEW INSPIRATION or #prompt60index with Daisy Yellow Art

After I started the #icad challenge with in June/July this year, and even FINISHED it, I was hooked on creating art journal pages for the last weeks, nearly every day.

Lately I am stuck or out of sync with the project. Sitting in front of my art staff not knowing where to begin, what to do and all I would start ending up in a mess.

Today I read a new post on fb of Daisy Yellow Art about the prompt60index and I felt drawn to it immediately. 

I looked for a journal or pages I could use for this project and found an long kept manuscript book, where I jotted down and pasted notes in about writing. I completed a course in short story writing yeaaarrs ago and started to collect notes and ideas in this manuscript. As there are more than half of the pages blank, I will use this journal for this new challenge.

Below find a few pictures of this book as it is right now and I will keep you informed of all my progress to fill in the blank pages in it in time.

Please feel inspired to go to and see what inspiration you can get out of this beautiful blog and group.

For now: be inspired, have fun and create on paper what’s deep inside you. It has a healing side as well.

Lots of love 




Being inspired by hand-made candles, which I bought recently, I thought I gonna try this craft as well.

Here is my little tutorial, but I will give you a link to an informative web page below, where I got

my instructions from previously.

This is what I used:

Photo0315a block of wax, a few centimeters of wick and this little metal plates (I do not know the right description for these thingies)


Photo0316 an old pot, a modified coffee tin to melt the wax in (never melt the wax directly in a pot, but use this double cooker method only)


Photo0317the most important item, a thermometer. This is essential as the wax can easily catch fire if too hot.

The ideal pouring temperature is 160 degree F, which is about 71 degree C and for the topping up the degrees should be a little bit higher, 185 degree F, which is according to a conversion table on the internet, 85 degrees C.

Never let the thermometer out of your eyes and the temperature rise higher than the last given degrees.

I clipped the thermometer  onto the tin with a peg. There are also professional double cooker on the market for candle making, but for now I used this option. Never use it without the thermometer.

While the wax was melting slowly, I never switched the oven higher but on 2, I prepared the wicks.

Photo0321I cut the wicks into the appropriate length, clipped the little metal plates on and glued them in the center of my candle container.

Never cut the wick to short, as you will have a problem finding a way to keep it from sinking or bending.

Photo0322and then I attached pegs in a way to keep it straight and centered.

As soon as the wax had obtained the ideal pouring temperature, I filled the containers up, just below the rim. I left out the part where to heat up the containers before pouring in the wax, as it is hot here in Namibia after all

Photo0323Now comes the hardest part for me: WAIT,WAIT,WAIT….

It depends on the weather conditions around your home, I live in Namibia and it is really hot here now (30 degrees C), it will take a few hours or better leave  the candles to cool down until the next day. Don’t speed up this process as this will affect the quality of the candle/wax.


Photo0324you see that the wax forms a little hole in the middle while cooling down. For this reason one should always keep a certain amount of wax, in the same shade as the candle is, behind,  for the top up. When you heat the wax again, don’t forget the thermometer and to heat the wax slightly higher to 185 degrees F, or  85 degrees C, in order for the top up wax to smoothly melt onto the cooled down candle surface.

I was to dynamic (what a lovely word to use instead of impatient, pushy or forceful) as always, to keep that in mind, so I had already dropped different shaded wax into the pot, before I remembered the last bit of candle making instructions on a different tutorial. So I guess my top up will look a bit distinctive tomorrow.

For now I am done with the wax melting. while I WAIT for the ‘cool down’  I will search for a pretty idea to decorate the candle container, or should I have done the decoration before I poured the wax into the glasses? I don’t know, but will let you know  as soon as I have found out what version is more suitable and practical.

Here is the link/instructions I used for my candle making today where you can find more lovely ideas about candle making techniques:

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep well.



Having the whole Sunday morning to myself, I started my project” How to do a decoupage ceramic pot”.

This is the outcome:


I just painted the mod podge onto the pot and smoothed a serviette around it…voila…

All I need now are the bulbs or Amaryllis plants….probably will look for it tomorrow, as we have a last public holiday before Christmas. Ideal for some shopping.

Being busy with the mod podge and my hands a sticky already, I tried a few other projects, which I stumbled over the other day while informing myself via internet about art journaling.

Here are the outcomes:


Photo0303You need a photocopy of a lovely image of your choice

smooth mod podge (they used medium gel in the article, but I only had mod podge available) on a canvas

and place the copy face down onto the canvas, smooth and let dry.

If it is really, really dry, wet the photocopy’s back with water and rub off.

My printer cartridge are almost empty, so the image was a bit weakened.

And my mod podge was yellow from a previous project, this might be the reason why this came out a bit light and yellowish.

I will use it as a stepping stone for a future art journal project, already collected beautiful poems and quotes to stick or scribble/doodle onto it.

Here my first pages out of my art journal I recently started.

Photo0307Photo0306Photo0308 they call for more painting, doodling and inking though….but I am just started.

Have a wonderful Sunday, or the remains of it.

Love and light.

Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home

Seeing this beautiful ad in my mail this morning

Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home.

memories of my mother in law filled my mind. Every Christmas she used to come over with a pot of Amaryllis for me. Usually the red type, but the white one with the name of “ICE QUEEN” caught my eyes this morning and I thought what a lovely gift to create for special loved ones this Christmas.

Having a few clay pots hiding in the garage somewhere, waiting for me to  paint or decoupage them, I immediately knew what I am up to  this weekend. With Monday being a holiday here in Namibia as well, giving me lots of time to  feed my creative hunger, I only have to find the Amaryllis bulbs (they come in bulbs, aren’t they? Gardening is not one of my best qualities) or grown flower would be even better, and an opportunity to present my hand-made gift to a special person.

It might be you!

For all others, hold on to this blog for my post:

“How to create a decorative pot for an Amaryllis as a Christmas gift” coming up during the weekend.

Have a lovely day and wonderful weekend ahead.

Amazing Amaryllis for Your Home.