ICAD or a challenge completed

This year I participated for the first time in the challenge ICAD of daisyyellowart.com
There are only two days left of the challenge and I am kind of sad, proud, and inspired altogether.
Sad that it is over soon, proud of myself that I have done it up to the end
and inspired to do more art journaling, icads or anything likewise on a daily base.
There have been so many beautiful, awesome and pretty cards. I have met so many lovely people, I received so many kind words, inspiring comments and even received an icad from one of the participants of America. I can only tink of one word precribing all of this.
Wow to all of us.
It was a great time and I will be participating again next year for sure.

Below please find a few of my icads in the meantime.
As I am only working afternoons as from September, I will have lots of me time for a while and I will use it exclusively for me, my daly art journaling and for writing again, which I have negelected a bit in the past few month.

Thanks again to all of the icad group members. Well done to all of you and keep beingdaisyyellowart.com inspired.
I for sure will be…..












GROUNDING or the lovely feeling of planting

Actually I should do some serious writing (some documents for work tomorrow). But after I did some digging and planting in the ground today, I feel so alive and full of energy, that I want to share this with you.

Digging and walking barefoot in and on earth is grounding energy.

Here is a lovely link where you can learn more about grounding techniques. And how you do it actually every day without being aware of it, at least before you have read this article.

These are the result of my planting and digging today.

All covered with bougainevilla twigs,in order to keep the dogs out. Hope it will help……





I even infused the planting process with Reiki to help it grow beautifully. Will update on results soon.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Love and light



HOOKED ON CROCHETING or funky bracelets


Being a bit restless again the last few days, it was time to find a new art and craft project.

As I am hooked on crocheting at the moment, being busy creating a granny square blanket for little Sabina, I remembered a quick diy I read on my favorite blog : Crocheting a bracelet, or necklace out of craft wire and beads.

This is the outcome:

Funky bracelets or necklaces, created in less than half an hour:




This is the art of craft project I love, easy, lovely and done in a short time, before one gets bored or rather impatient to get the finished result.

Me, as always going overboard, just wanted to try it, went to the craft shop and intended to only buy items for around 100.00 Namibian Dollars, but I came out with goods for 200.00 Dollars, as I couldn’t decide on colour of wire and beads (silver, which I actually wanted to buy was out of stock)This means I will have enough stock for about 20 more bracelets/necklaces and I will need an outlet to sell them for me, as I never will use all of them for myself.

I wish all of you a happy and lovely Easter Weekend.

Keep well.

Love and light.



THE LAST TWO WEEKS or the first two weeks

The last weeks were busy, but now I feel I need to relax a bit and see what is going on here in blogger world.

I even was nominated an award, which I need to attend to this weekend, thanks Carolyn, I will take some time to answer the questions and post the award on my blog this weekend.

The last two weeks or my first two weeks as an estate agent were great. I am proud of myself how much I achieved so far by taking it easy, not pushing myself and taking it slow. The surprise is that I am still progressing with this formula. A great deal more than I did when I started as an agent in 2011, when I ran around trying too hard to do everything and pleasing all at the same time, meanwhile loosing myself. Now I am confident, when a conflict arises I breath (my Yoga classes kick in here) and after a few minutes I feel fine and able to resolve it and go into it relaxed.

I even finished a few booties, remember I started crocheting, for my lovely niece in Ireland.

IMG-20130315-WA0002my niece Sabina


IMG-20130310-WA0001I sent off the booties today to Frank in Germany, my sister and my son will visit my Mom during the Easter holidays and we will see then if the booties will fit…


same pattern, but different kind of wool and needle sizes

It took me a while, about hundred sample booties, one bigger or smaller or skewer than the other, all landing outside, or rather say under the table for the dogs to play with, but I persisted and tried again and again, until I succeeded.

And again the magic is to stay calm…. fine I didn’t all the time…..but the magic word really is be calm and relaxed, breath and take it easy. Then you will succeed. That is what I have found out the last weeks and I hope I will remember my own words whenever the going gets tough again.

And it will, with Matthias’ birthday coming up in less than 1 month, his first birthday in heaven, yesterday being the 14th, his birthday is the 14.4., I can feel the restlessness, the overwhelming sadness and panic creeping up on me again.

But with my Yoga and my Reiki (I did the Reiki 1 course in February) I will be well equipped to get through it.

Jutta Dobler is both, my Yoga teacher and Reiki Master and you can link to her blog here. She is a lovely and kind person and I am grateful I have met her. She helps me a great deal to cope and to get back my inner peace.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love and light


QUICK DIY or how to decorate old ceramic pots


I bought this pot  plant on Saturday and this

Photo0372lavender today.

Only having a few older ceramic pots around, I quickly got out my mod podge and beautiful gift paper and started:


Photo0374After 1/2 hour of gluing and pasting this is the result:





Normally the ” pots would be dry almost instantly, being in Namibia with a day temperatures of over 30 degrees C, but as it is raining today and quite soggy and humid outside, I unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow to bed the plants into their new pots.

Look out for the next posts, I will try to add the potted result photo to it.

Have a nice evening.

Love and light.




Being inspired by hand-made candles, which I bought recently, I thought I gonna try this craft as well.

Here is my little tutorial, but I will give you a link to an informative web page below, where I got

my instructions from previously.

This is what I used:

Photo0315a block of wax, a few centimeters of wick and this little metal plates (I do not know the right description for these thingies)


Photo0316 an old pot, a modified coffee tin to melt the wax in (never melt the wax directly in a pot, but use this double cooker method only)


Photo0317the most important item, a thermometer. This is essential as the wax can easily catch fire if too hot.

The ideal pouring temperature is 160 degree F, which is about 71 degree C and for the topping up the degrees should be a little bit higher, 185 degree F, which is according to a conversion table on the internet, 85 degrees C.

Never let the thermometer out of your eyes and the temperature rise higher than the last given degrees.

I clipped the thermometer  onto the tin with a peg. There are also professional double cooker on the market for candle making, but for now I used this option. Never use it without the thermometer.

While the wax was melting slowly, I never switched the oven higher but on 2, I prepared the wicks.

Photo0321I cut the wicks into the appropriate length, clipped the little metal plates on and glued them in the center of my candle container.

Never cut the wick to short, as you will have a problem finding a way to keep it from sinking or bending.

Photo0322and then I attached pegs in a way to keep it straight and centered.

As soon as the wax had obtained the ideal pouring temperature, I filled the containers up, just below the rim. I left out the part where to heat up the containers before pouring in the wax, as it is hot here in Namibia after all

Photo0323Now comes the hardest part for me: WAIT,WAIT,WAIT….

It depends on the weather conditions around your home, I live in Namibia and it is really hot here now (30 degrees C), it will take a few hours or better leave  the candles to cool down until the next day. Don’t speed up this process as this will affect the quality of the candle/wax.


Photo0324you see that the wax forms a little hole in the middle while cooling down. For this reason one should always keep a certain amount of wax, in the same shade as the candle is, behind,  for the top up. When you heat the wax again, don’t forget the thermometer and to heat the wax slightly higher to 185 degrees F, or  85 degrees C, in order for the top up wax to smoothly melt onto the cooled down candle surface.

I was to dynamic (what a lovely word to use instead of impatient, pushy or forceful) as always, to keep that in mind, so I had already dropped different shaded wax into the pot, before I remembered the last bit of candle making instructions on a different tutorial. So I guess my top up will look a bit distinctive tomorrow.

For now I am done with the wax melting. while I WAIT for the ‘cool down’  I will search for a pretty idea to decorate the candle container, or should I have done the decoration before I poured the wax into the glasses? I don’t know, but will let you know  as soon as I have found out what version is more suitable and practical.

Here is the link/instructions I used for my candle making today where you can find more lovely ideas about candle making techniques:



Have a lovely weekend.

Keep well.



419494_3873692202894_848139339_nToday is my last day at work for 2012.

Do I feel happy about it? Not yet, as for now I have a lot of work to finish, before I can switch into holiday mode. Piles of paper and files are cluttering all over my desk. And time is running fast. Still I find a few minutes, its my lunchtime now, to enjoy a cup of green tea ( I used to drink coffee by gallons, but for healthy reasons and due to sleepless nights I replaced it by green tea lately, or Caro coffee, a malt coffee which I used to drink as a child at my granny’s.)
and enjoy reading blogs and writing a post. Just to share a little bit of Christmas feelings, which I do not feel at all, but want to spread the spirit with you. Pretending to feel joyful and happy will result in feeling joyful and happy after all. They don’t say YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK just for fun.

Whenever I am in a ‘bad’ mood, feeling unhappy, unworthy or unloved, I close my eyes and pretend. I imaging myself being in my favorite place, this may be  at the ocean, in a lovely hut on the mountains, or wherever I feel I want to be in that moment. Pretend to be there with all your heart’s desire, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air in the mountains, just be there with all of your thoughts and feel your surroundings. Do it for as long as you wish or able to (at work during lunch time for 10 minutes) and when you open your eyes, feel the difference. Just by pretending you went from unhappy to happy. From sad to joyful, from unloved to loved……that’s the magic of our thoughts. With your thoughts you can create whatever you desire

as long as you believe and trust.

For now, I imaging myself being ready for my deserving holidays. All my papers are filed, my desk is clean, my work is finished and I go home in a lovely, joyful and happy mood.


if you love my angel paintings on the right, click on home and on Eternal Love Art & Crafts on the left side of my blog and enjoy more paintings on my other website (Eternal Love Art & Crafts Namibia, or even buy one… by the way, the blue and green angels are gone already….but I could paint similar ones for you by order, just drop a mail….