FOR MY FRIEND MARIANNE KEIL or please help and donate



This is Marianne Keil.

Shortly after this picture was taken in March 2014 at Erindi Game Reserve, where we have spent a lovely long weekend together, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

From one hour to the other she needed to be flown from Windhoek, Namibia to CapeTown for treatment.

As this wasn’t bad enough at all, while the doctors had to do a smaller operation while putting a stand for the chemo therapies, she observed severe burning wounds, as this was done by laser.

By now she had receive a bone marrow transplant from her brother and she is doing relatively well and will come home, if no other complications will occur, at the beginning of 2015.

Now the family is burdened with huge medical bills, as the medical aid has been depleted long ago.

To help her and her family to cope with the bills, the Cancer Association here in Namibia founded THE MARIANNE KEIL TRUST FUND. Several events have been held so far to raise money for the Fund. But there is still a huge hole to be covered.

I asked myself what I could do to help and raise money and I found a way.

As I am a Reiki healer, Reiki II, and have a website, blog and online shop, I just added A Marianne Keil Special to my online shop. Reiki Healing Information here.

If you want to help and add to the fund here is a way for people around the world to do it.

If you will buy the special for 10.00 dollars, you will receive a distance Reiki healing session for 15 minutes every week until 31.12.2014 via my Reiki Note book, where I already have a few names in and I am sending Reiki Healing to everybody who is written in the book at least every Monday for 15 minute and sometimes more, as I send Reiki to it immediately as soon as I add a new name

I feel this is a really wonderful idea. You will not only do a good deed, but you will even receive something if you donate to the Fund.

I will pay at least 50 % of all money collected through this Marianne Keil Special offer to the Fund and will keep you updated and I will post all transactions or cheques I will pay over to the Fund here on the blog.

Additionally I want to ask you to press it, re- blog and share this post to all your followers and friends.

I suppose there is not one of us out here in the blogging world who does not know a loved one who has or had cancer, or even died of it.  So please help me here, to be a great help to my friend and family by donating.

If you want to donate and receive the Reiki Treatment, please state your name and one word conditions for what you would like the treatment for, e.g. Marianne Keil, Cancer, or financial, or trauma….. and if you do not want to receive Reiki Healing, please also state it and I will contribute the whole amount to the fund.

For all other Reiki Healing sessions on my online shop and also for the one on ones here for Windhoek people, I will donate for all other Treatments bought and booked 50 % to the Marianne Keil Fund.

Want to do something special, a good deed for others and something special for yourself at the same time? Please buy and book a session with me now, as I only have limited appointments per week available.


One more pictures of our trip to Erindi.IMG_2320

Hurry up. Be special all around…..

Love and light







GROUNDING or the lovely feeling of planting

Actually I should do some serious writing (some documents for work tomorrow). But after I did some digging and planting in the ground today, I feel so alive and full of energy, that I want to share this with you.

Digging and walking barefoot in and on earth is grounding energy.

Here is a lovely link where you can learn more about grounding techniques. And how you do it actually every day without being aware of it, at least before you have read this article.

These are the result of my planting and digging today.

All covered with bougainevilla twigs,in order to keep the dogs out. Hope it will help……





I even infused the planting process with Reiki to help it grow beautifully. Will update on results soon.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Love and light



VALENTINE’S SPECIAL or healing through time and space

Valentine’s is around the corner.

As I have recently started to give distance Reiki healing sessions, I am offering a 3 for one special during the whole of February 2014.


Just book one of the different distance Reiki healing sessions on my website during February 2014, mention Valentine’s special and receive 3 sessions for one.

more info :

Please feel free to share or re blog this to help the loving energy Reiki has to offer to spread throughout the world and beyond.

Thank you for all your love, comments and shares in the past.

Have a lovely Valentine’s.

Love and light



BACK TO THE ROOTS or my new passion to share gratefulness

I hope everybody reading this had a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.

The new year is already a few days old and most of our New Year resolutions are forgotten already.

Or are you clinging to them this year trying to get them going?

I did, at least with one of my few resolutions. I wanted to share my gift Reiki with as much people around the world as possible.

And I did. I found a way to do it. Here it is:

My new website and online shop

After my son Matthias died, I found Reiki or Reiki found me, as I love to say. And this was the best thing which could have happened to me.

My Reiki teacher Jutta Dobler is a wonderful person, She taught me Reiki I nearly a year ago.

A few month after that, I again had  a nervous breakdown and was back  on drugs, anti depressive, Prozac or equivalent to it. Double dose. And I was fine for a while.

I found myself a new, meaningful job, I am working at a kindergarten again, and the kids and also my team are giving me so much to live for again. I am mostly feeling heal again, or at least as long as I am in kindergarten or around the team.

So I decided to stop the drugs again, I did not want to merely function again due to the anti depressive. I wanted to stand on my own feet again, if you know what I mean with this phrase.

And I found back to the roots. I was again hooked on Reiki and asked my teacher, if we could do REIKI II.

Getting a group together, who were equally interested in doing REIKI II, she offered a workshop and here I am, being a REIKI PRACTITIONER, able to share Reiki with everyone who is willing and interesting in it.

Problem was, only a few friends and family were eager to come for sessions and I felt I could  not ask them anything for a session. I enjoyed doing the sessions and felt always very light and happy afterwards, but even posting lots of ads on facebook and hanging a few flyer around, I could not attract more clients. Even if I was so grateful and enthusiastic about giving sessions, the clients wouldn’t come.

Talking to my teacher Jutta about this, she identified the problem. The balance of giving and receiving was out. As I felt I couldn’t ask any money for my service of giving Reiki to friends and family, not deciding what would be appropriate to ask other clients, thus mostly not receiving any in return, the balance was not given.

My vision is to share as much of the unconditional love and healing power of Reiki with as much people throughout the world as possible for the highest good of all. So the benefits of distance Reiki healing knocked at my door, which I was able to do now after I successfully received the REIKI II attunement and my certificate of completing the REIKI II workshop.


I thought of opening a website with an online shop for distance Reiki healing sessions to buy.

It would give me the opportunity to share my gift and light


with a lot of people and I would reach people, who would not have the time or opportunity to go to a Reiki Healer in person to receive the wonderful feeling of  Reiki.

And here my wonderful idea is alive

Tonight I finished the website and put it online.

Please feel free to click on the link and give your personal impression and comments. Feel free to share the site with people in need for a Reiki session or book one for yourself, your friends, family or pets.

Help me to keep my light shining for the highest good of all.

May you have the time of your life during 2014 and beyond.



Our new family member ABBY, a white labrador puppy……